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At Bolli Companies, we take great pride in providing the highest-quality work for each of our clients. We care about you and we cater to the individual needs of each HOA and commercial property that we service. As such, we offer the widest range of services in tailored packages with free quotes and consultations.

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Delivering all of the services you need with the quality you deserve.

With specialized and skilled employees on staff, we are ready for whatever project or maintenance that your large property needs.

We know plants and we know Utah. Whether it's trees, shrubs, or turf, let us help you find the perfect greenery for your space.
We have general contractors on staff for your landscape construction projects. Whether its a concrete walkway, pavers, drainage, signage, or a pet waste station, we have you covered.
Our employees are true experts. From landscape maintenance to irrigation, or from turf treatments to pest control we have decades worth of knowledge and experience.
Looking for low moisture solutions? We offer free, custom estimates for your HOA or commercial property.
Our snow removal crews are the best in Utah! Even if you have a zero tolerance for snow, we will be there to clear your roads and walkways.


The crews have done an incredible job on the new filtration system, retention pond, overseeding and weed control. Christian and his guys have been amazing at mowing around the caution areas and keeping those areas edged also. So thank you all for a job well done. You are truly appreciated. Ryan, Michael, Houston, Josef, Christian and all of you, (I wish I knew all your names because you are worthy of me remembering) thank you!!

Laurie D.

The Links at Homestead HOA

I must say they did a very good job this last time. I did not know they were coming last week and when I got home and saw a whole bunch of leaves in piles I was wondering who did it until I saw them by the park and was impressed by the great job they did. Thank you.

Jean P.

Millburn Manor

You guys are awesome; totally turned things around. Thank you!

HOA Board

Forest Green

Everything looks great as to the services that you provided. I had some feedback from some of the homeowners and everyone was greatly appreciative. Although there is a learning curve as you acquire new properties as to the nature of the community, we are grateful at how thoroughly and promptly you were here to keep the community and the homeowners safe but also the politeness and promptness that you also provided us when we expressed some concerns which were readily taken care of. Thank you very much.

Michael C.

Plum Creek

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